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December Online Ordering Coupon Codes December 8, 2009

I just ran across the coupon codes for December’s menu.  They are:

DECSIG5 is good for 5% off a “Signature Box” of Angel Food. The other online coupon code CHRISTMAS5 is good for 5% off a “Senior/Convenience Box”.

Those of you that haven’t ordered yet, don’t forget, the deadline to order online is Wednesday (tomorrow) by 11pm Central Time.

God Bless!


December 2009 Menu – Live Oak Baptist Church November 18, 2009

The December 2009 Angel Food Menu is now available for online ordering.  To order online, just click the Order Online link in the green box to the right of this post.  In-person orders will be taken on the following days:

(PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THESE DATES/TIMES, they are different than previous months.)

Sunday, December 6th – 2:30pm – 4pm
Monday, December 7th – 10am – 12pm
Wednesday, December 9th – 5pm – 6:30pm
Thursday, December 10th – 9am – 11am – DEADLINE

ONLINE ORDERING DEADLINE:  Wednesday, December 9th @ 11pm Central Time.

The menu is posted below.  Remember, you can download a printable copy of the menu from the Menu tab at the top of this blog site.  The printable version of the menu flier has two pages, the menu itself, and the ordering days/times, pickup date, instructions, a map, etc.



If you missed the online ordering deadline of last night, you still have one more chance to order.  I’ll be at the church (Live Oak Baptist Church) taking orders from 9am until 11am today.  After 11am, I’ll be locked out of the ordering system, so don’t be late!

Hope to see you there!


November Coupon Codes!! October 28, 2009

Angel Food Ministries is Happy to inform everyone that the new November Coupons are ready. The online coupons are “Turkey5″ which gives 5% off the “Signature Box” of Angel Food. The other coupon code is “NOVSP2″ which gives 5% off the “Special Meat Box #2″. These coupons are limited to the first 2000 users and will expire at the end of NOVEMBER. Happy Holidays!

Don’t delay, these will go FAST!  Also, the ordering period is a little shorter, ending on November 11th, with Distribution Day being November 21st, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Online ordering is already in effect, and you can see the ordering days for Live Oak Baptist on the menu page.  It appears that the expected deadline of November 12th has been moved up…it is now November 11th!  Don’t miss out!


November 2009 Angel Food Menu – Live Oak Baptist Church October 21, 2009

The new November Menu flier is available, so I’ll be updating the menu page on the blog site with it momentarily.  Also, please pay special attention to the Thanksgiving Box pre-sale dates.  The only other day you’ll be able to make a purchase for that in-person is THIS SATURDAY, October 24th, between 7am and 9am.  Online orders will continue until October 28th for the Thanksgiving Box.

In-person ordering days for November’s menu will be listed on the Menu tab page.



New Telephone Number October 2, 2009

Effective immediately, the contact telephone number for the Live Oak Baptist Church Angel Food Ministry is 225-304-7112.  If you need information on Angel Food or to reach the Angel Food Coordinator, David Pender, this is the number you need, now.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is unavoidable due to the new telephone provider I’ve swapped to.

I’ll be emailing out a notice to everyone on our email list, as well as updating this site and our host site information on the Angel Food Ministries main website.


October 2009 Angel Food Menu – Live Oak Baptist Church September 24, 2009




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Women Outreaching Women HAS CANCELLED its annual Free Kids Carnival at North Park Community Center, that was to be held on Saturday, October 3, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Women Outreaching Women is a domestic violence program based in Denham Springs, which offers support groups, education and sheltering for survivors fleeing domestic violence.  For more information contact AlexisAnderson at (225) 791-3940 or email  Women Outreaching Women 24-Hour Crisis Hotline is (225) 665-9100.


September Ordering Has Ended September 19, 2009

The extended ordering period for September has ended.  We saw a great response from our host site participants!  We had about 40 more units ordered before the cutoff on Friday!

That’s exciting!  From what I’m hearing, this longer ordering period may be a new policy for Angel Food Ministries.  Meaning we may have this extra week for orders every single month!  If so, then you could order on cut off Friday morning and a week and 1 day later, get your food.  That will help a lot of people, I’m sure.  It’s hard to pay for food weeks in advance and wait on the distribution date.  This should ease that burden.

I’m hoping to have our October flier ready by Monday.  I’ve had a good bit on my plate these last few days, usually I have it ready by now.

Bear with me, please!  🙂


September Ordering Deadline EXTENDED! September 16, 2009

Angel Food Ministries has been working to improve the experience you have with us,  and we have been listening to the suggestions of our host sites and customers.  We know that these days people may be having a more difficult time paying for their food in advance, even with the value offered through Angel Food.  To address this, we have decided to try extending the ordering deadline for specific host sites, including Live Oak Baptist, until Friday, September 18 at 12 Noon EST. This will give you more time to decide, leaving just a week between paying and receiving the food.

That’s right, you now have until Friday, the 18th, at 11pm Central Time to get your order in online for September.  So if you were waiting on payday, or just forgot the deadline was here, this is your chance!  This was short notice for our host site, as well, so unfortunately, I will not be taking any orders in person, due to scheduling issues.  Only online orders can be taken this time, but I will re-think the in-person ordering dates for October’s Menu.