Angel Food Ministries @ Live Oak Baptist Church

Changing Lives for Jesus, One Box at a Time!

Live Presentation May 1, 2009


My name is David Pender, and I’m the former Angel Food Coordinator for Live Oak Baptist Church in Watson, LA.  LOBC has been an Angel Food host site for almost 2 years, now and it’s been amazing!

Though I’ve moved to Mississippi and hope to start a host site in that area, I will still be glad to hold live presentations for groups or potential host sites anywhere.

I’m offering up myself to speak at churches, civic groups, workplaces, and anywhere else possible about Angel Food Ministries.  If you’re organization is wanting to learn more about Angel Food Ministries, I’d love to come and speak with you.  I have my own projector, laptop, and a PowerPoint presentation to share with your group, all you have to do is ask.  I’m doing this for free, by the way!  Within reason, of course.  I can’t fly to New York to speak, my funds are limited.  🙂

News media: I’d be more than happy to go on-air or be interviewed to discuss Angel Food Ministries and what it means for the community, contact me at 225-304-7112.

The follwoing are just a few examples of the groups I could speak to:

  • Church Youth groups – about volunteering.
  • Church Deacons/Elders/Administration – about volunteering, passing out fliers, and/or becoming a host site.
  • Church Sunday School classes – about buying boxes, volunteering, and/or becoming a host site.
  • Entire Church Congregation – about buying boxes, volunteering, and/or becoming a host site.
  • Boy Scout Troops – about volunteering.
  • Girl Scout Troops – about volunteering.
  • School PTA or other groups – about buying boxes and/or volunteering.
  • School clubs – about volunteering.
  • Civic Groups – about buying boxes and/or volunteering.
  • Workplaces – about employees buying boxes and/or volunteering, and about the business sponsoring give-away boxes for the needy.
  • Government organizations – about helping spread the word by passing out fliers.

Basically, if you have an organization that wants or needs to hear about Angel Food Ministries, I’m up for it.  All you have to do is ask.

The typical presentation takes about 30 minutes without questions, so you’ll need to plan accordingly for the time.  What I’ll need access to for the presentation meeting is:

  1. A power source for my laptop and projector.
  2. A light colored wall or projector screen.
  3. If the meeting room is large, I could use a microphone (preferably wireless).
  4. And an audience, of course!

NOW AVAILABLE:  Remote presentation meetings. I’ve set up an online television station called AFMLiveOakTV that will now allow for me to hold a meeting remotely over the internet, and you can project it for your group LIVE!  This will be perfect for those organizations outside my local travel area.  Your facility will need high speed internet access, a computer, and a projector. Questions can be asked via a built in chat feature or by telephone during the broadcast.  Any hand-outs can be emailed to the person at your location who will facilitate the broadcast.

If you want me to arrange to meet with your group, please contact me at 225-304-7112.  I’ll need to know the name of the group, the date and time you’d like to hold the presentation, how many people are expected to attend (for handouts I’ll bring), the address, and your contact information in case of schedule conflicts.


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