Angel Food Ministries @ Live Oak Baptist Church

Changing Lives for Jesus, One Box at a Time!

September Ordering Deadline EXTENDED! September 16, 2009

Angel Food Ministries has been working to improve the experience you have with us,  and we have been listening to the suggestions of our host sites and customers.  We know that these days people may be having a more difficult time paying for their food in advance, even with the value offered through Angel Food.  To address this, we have decided to try extending the ordering deadline for specific host sites, including Live Oak Baptist, until Friday, September 18 at 12 Noon EST. This will give you more time to decide, leaving just a week between paying and receiving the food.

That’s right, you now have until Friday, the 18th, at 11pm Central Time to get your order in online for September.  So if you were waiting on payday, or just forgot the deadline was here, this is your chance!  This was short notice for our host site, as well, so unfortunately, I will not be taking any orders in person, due to scheduling issues.  Only online orders can be taken this time, but I will re-think the in-person ordering dates for October’s Menu.


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