Angel Food Ministries @ Live Oak Baptist Church

Changing Lives for Jesus, One Box at a Time!

June Ordering Deadline Quickly Approaching June 10, 2009


The ordering deadline for the Angel Food June 2009 Menu is almost upon us.  There are only three more days to place your order at our host site (Live Oak Baptist Church) .  Those days are:

  • Wednesday, June 10th from 5:30pm-6:30pm (I’ll probably have to relocate the order taking from it’s normal spot because of Bible School…watch for the signs).
  • Thursday, June 11th from 9am-11am.
  • Sunday, June 14th from 3pm-4:30pm.

Online ordering will end on Sunday, June 14th at 11pm Central time.

Don’t miss out on this month’s menu, there are some amazing things in there!  And the specials are pretty outstanding, too!

Now is the perfect time to save money by buying groceries through the Angel Food program.  It’s quick, easy, and very inexpensive!  And remember, there are no applications to fill out, no criteria to meet, and no qualification requirements.  This wonderful deal is available to EVERYONE!  And there are no limits on how much you can purchase through the program.

For any of you outside the Denham Springs, Louisiana area, please check out to search for host sites in your area.


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