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Men Needed for the Awareness and Prevention of Domestic Violence Rally – June 5th June 3, 2009

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Men Needed for the Awareness and Prevention of Domestic Violence Rally at State Capitol on June 5th

For immediate release For more information contact Alexis Anderson @ (225) 791-3940 or email

Did you know that every 9 seconds a woman is battered or 1 out of 4 adult women experience physical violence from an intimate partner and every 24 hours 7 battered women die from abuse? Did you know that behind all those statistics are children, family members and community members that want to see an end to domestic violence? On June 5th men of all backgrounds are being encouraged to stand up for the women in their lives and become a voice for change. The purpose of this rally is to recognize and acknowledge that most men are concerned about the issue of domestic violence and want to be part of the solution. Men interested in signing up to participate in the rally can contact WOW at (225) 791-3940 or email or fax this form to (225) 791-3942.

Women Outreaching Women has partnered with local radio personality Scott Innes and local author and businessman Romel Russell to bring awareness to the role men play in preventing domestic violence and to help get signatures for a petition drive and to enlist men to participate in the Men Needed: Stand Up Against Domestic Violence Rally

The above Press Release was emailed to me and is something I wish I could attend.  I have a previous engagement Friday that prevents me from attending.  I urge any of you men out there that can make it, please attend.  If you can’t attend, then please remember the rally and the many women suffering this turmoil in your prayers.


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