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May 2009 Distribution Recap June 2, 2009

The May 2009 Distribution was amazing!  We had some fresh cucumbers donated to us which were made available to those picking up their orders this month.  They went pretty fast, too.

See the empty spaces on "the line"?  This means we could use a few more volunteers.  Hint, hint!

The cucumbers were almost gone by the time this picture was taken. We had a huge stack of them when we started! 🙂

Mrs. Rhonda played some hymns on her guitar during distribution.  It added some nice background music to the air.  Thanks, Mrs. Rhonda!

I'm checking an order.  Mrs. Rhonda can be seen in the background.  She was nice enough to play some hymns for us on her guitar.  And is my hair really thinning that badly?!

We didn't get a closeup of Mrs. Rhonda, but there she is in the background playing away! Ignore my thinning hair, please. 🙂

For more picture, please click the Photos tab at the top of this blog site.  The photos there start with May’s pictures.

Thanks to all the volunteers that came out to lend a hand in any way, and those folks who came to pick up their orders.  It wouldn’t be possible without you all!

Orders are now being taken for the June 2009 Menu.  Take a peak at it by clicking the Menu tab at the top of this blog site.  Ordering will continue until Sunday, June 14th.

For those of you who are signed up for the monthly newsletter, it’s in the works right now and should be emailed out within a day or two.  Any of you who aren’t signed up, you’re invited to join the email list by clicking the button in the right hand column.


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