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“Angel” Delivers Easter Baskets & Food – Testimony from Another Host Site May 31, 2009

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I always share things of interest here locally, but this testimony from Manahawkin Methodist Church, another Angel Food host site, was in the newsletter I get every month from AFM headquarters.  It’s touching and a reminder that the Angel Food Ministry is so much bigger than just right here in Watson, Louisiana.

Throughout the year, we’ve been taking food to a needy family. In April my trunk was full and topped off with an Easter Dinner box and three Easter baskets. When I got to the house there was no answer at the door. Vehicles were in the driveway, so I began unloading the food on the porch. Two precious eyes were peeking through the blinds watching me. I waved and smiled each time I carried a box. When done, I waved again and left.

Later, a message from the mom explained that after three sleepless nights due to severe pain from surgery, she and her husband had collapsed into deep sleep just before I arrived.

When they awoke, their daughter rushed to say, “MOMMY, DADDY! AN ANGEL CAME TO OUR HOUSE! A LADY ANGEL!” I’ve been called a lot of things over the years, but never an angel! It made me cry.

-Lorraine Haines,
Host Site Director,
Manahawkin Methodist Church

If you aren’t involved in helping with Angel Food here in Watson, or in whatever community you’re in, I urge you to pray about it.  This is one of the greatest outreach ministries EVER! It’s truly a blessing to help reach out to the community in such a fun way.  I’ll start sharing comments I get from our host site visitors, from time to time, as well.


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