Angel Food Ministries @ Live Oak Baptist Church

Changing Lives for Jesus, One Box at a Time!

May Distribution Reminder May 29, 2009

I’m a little late in posting this, I know, it’s been a busy week for me…

Distribution is in the morning (Saturday, May 30th) from 7am until 9am.  If you ordered for May, remember to bring your receipt and boxes during the distribution times to pick up your order.

Volunteers for unloading the truck should be there by 3:50am and those wanting to volunteer to help with distribution should be there by 6:50am.  We should be cleaned up and finished by 9:30am.

We’ll also be taking orders for the June menu, which is available to view and/or download on the Menu tab at the top of this blog site.

We have a special treat for distribution tomorrow:  Mrs. Rhonda is going to be playing some hymns on her guitar!  I’m sure if any of you have the urge to sing along, she won’t mind at all!

See you tomorrow, bright and early!


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