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AFMLiveOakTV Launches! May 7, 2009

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Most of you guys know me by now…I’m all about technology and FREE things.  Well, I found something that combines bothMogulus/Livestream allows people to start their very own online television station for free.  It’s ad supported, unless you want to pay for the pro version.  But little ads at the bottom of the screen every so often is a minor issue.

I ran across this while looking for ways to broadcast Angel Food presentations to churches and groups interested in learning more, but too far away for me to go give an in-person presentation.  I tried several online “webinar” and “meeting” programs out there with free versions (good things don’t always have to cost money).  None of those worked out so well because they wouldn’t play the short video promo for Angel Food Ministries.  Then Google came through for me with the Mogulus website!  I can use this in combination with Procaster to have live video streaming whenever I want.  Any questions that come up during the presentation can be typed in on the chat feature, or I can have a representative from their group on the phone with me during the broadcast.

And so was born AFMLiveOakTV!


Right now, there isn’t much on the station, but I’m working on that.  So far, I have a couple of off air logo screens with music from some Christian artists that have allowed their music to be used by the public, a photo slide segment from April’s distribution, a promo video for the Rock the River Tour, and another video from Billy Graham Ministries that gives the plan of Salvation in a simple, yet profound way, and of course, a short Angel Food informational video.

As things progress, I’ll be adding more Angel Food related things, like ordering days and times, maybe some personal testimonials, and even some video clips from our pastor’s sermons.  This is very fun to play around with, so expect changes often!  I’ll most likely make more blog posts as things are updated on the station.

You can visit the online station at  Feel free to send me comments and suggestions, as well as any video testimonials or other content.  Enjoy!


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